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No Other Roofing Company Install A Better Roofing System!!

Our Maximized Roof vs. Other Roofing Companies

  AAA's Free Upgrades Most Contractors: You get what you pay for
We install a synthetic underlayment that is 20 times stronger, lays flatter, and is three times the price of regular roofing felt. Felt is what you're paid for, and it's what your roofer installs. *SYNTHETIC UNDERLAYMENT will cost you!!
Shingles Insurance pays for 25 yr.-3 tab shingles We upgrade you to your choice of either 30 or 35 year three dimensional shingles. When Insurance pays for 25 yr.-3 tab shingles which most roofers include in their estimates. Upgrades will cost you.
Decking 100 sf included to repair any damage. $45/sheet incl. labor after 1st 3-sheets. Not included, charged up to $75 per sheet, including labor
Ice & Water 
Added moisture barrier around the perimeter valleys, dormers, ridges, & openings. Protects against winter ice damning. Installed at an additional charge.
Flashing New step flashing installed around all dormers. New chimney flashing that matches either your roof or chimney Most roofers will patch together old and new flashing around the dormers and mastic to seams around the chimney.


  • Synthetic is 10 times lighter and 20 times stronger than felt.
  • Felt rips, tears, and is prone to "blow-offs" in high wind conditions Vs. Synthetic’s high strength anchoring.
  • If exposed (due to storm damage), will provide leak protection for up to 6 months!!
  • Felt paper is susceptible to mold growth Vs Synthetic's inert polymers.
  • Felt becomes brittle within days of UV exposure Vs. Synthetic's 6 month UV exposure rating.
  • Felt leeches oil in the heat and cracks in the cold Vs. Synthetic's -70 °F to 212 °F flexibility
  • Felt is prone to "curling" when installed Vs. Synthetic lays flat, allowing for a smoother shingle installment.
  • Felt is not covered with any warranties Vs. Synthetic's 30 year warranty.
  • Felts have no slip resistant features Vs. Synthetic's footing and gripping surfaces.



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Our Recommended Shingles and Underlayment’s

Many others are available, let us know your preference



 Duration™ Premium shingles with Sure Nail ® Technology have it all: a bold, dimensional look, plus impressive durability. These beautiful shingles are designed for long-lasting performance, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 130-MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty, plus our Algae Resistance Limited Warranty.

When used in conjunction with other Elk components, Elk shingles create a total roof system which delivers outstanding protections against wind and moisture. The homeowner has the added security of buying from a single source and increased Umbrella Coverage on the shingles to seven years.

The Pinnacle® premium shingle is truly top of the line. It is a true laminated dimensional shingle, featuring distinct shadow lines that provide a traditional wood shake look. Full random cuts ensure that the appearance of undesirable patterns will not occur. Pinnacle® also offers an algae resistant option (available for most colors) to further increase the lasting beauty and elegance of your roof.

A wide variety of shingle color options ensure a perfect complement to any color scheme. Pinnacle® promotes beauty, elegance, lasting performance and peace of mind with its 35 year limited transferable warranty that is unmatched in the industry. Pinnacle® distinctive designer shingles, for homes that deserve the best.

WinterGuardTM Waterproofing Underlayment
Your best defense against winter!!

The WinterGuard™ Series of waterproofing shingle underlayment's are applied under roof shingles during new construction or re-roofing to protect your home’s interior from winter leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.

Ice dams - nasty build-ups of ice and snow - form from freeze-melt cycling on your home’s roof deck. When the ice and snow melt, trapped water can seep through the roof, damaging the roof deck, insulation and the interior of your home.


WinterGuard waterproofing shingle underlayment is installed between the roof deck and the shingles, creating a weather-tight barrier that prevents backed-up water from getting into your home.